An award-winning children's film

Chicago International Children's Film Festival:
Winner of Best of the Fest
Winner of Children's Jury Award

Oscar® winner Ben Kingsley plays the Great Zamboni, a magician with a mysterious secret. He lives alone with his jaguar, Shadow, in the Spooky House, an old mansion rigged with magic tricks and hidden chambers. Young orphan Max (Matt Weinberg) believes he can befriend him, but his attempts are met with stubborn resistance. Chased on Halloween by a trio of bullies, led by Mona (Gemini Award® winner Katharine Isabelle), who work for the town's eccentric crime queen (Oscar® winner Mercedes Ruehl), Max and his friends find refuge in the Spooky House. A night of hilarious magic and spectacular illusions ensues as Zamboni and Max discover the power of real magic in this funny, heartwarming, all ages adventure.


When the Magic Starts, the Adventure Begins!

“A series of scary-funny setups...Kingsley looks effortlessly cool.” – Joe Leydon, Variety

More about the Movie

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More about the Director

William Sachs is an American film director/producer and writer most notably known for cult classics such as The Incredible Melting Man and Galaxina. His films have received more than 25 awards at various festivals.

Spooky House TV series

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